3 new eating principles

From my search for a healthier diet and my reading on nutrition, I have come up with 3 principles for a new way of eating.

I am by no means an expert and not a scientist so I will try my best to explain what I have read about, but if I get it wrong don’t shoot me. This is just a summary of what I have discovered and am learning about. I will link all of my sources so that if you want to read more yourself you can.

1 – ditch the sugar

Ah, sugar. It’s the food we turn to when we want a serious hit of pleasure – our favourite comfort food. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent crying into my bowl of melted cadbury’s bars.

But I’m about to drop a bombshell…

Sugar is bad news.

‘Whaaat?!’ I hear you cry, ‘I thought it was a superfood?!’

Okay, I know you’re not totally shocked by this ‘revelation’, we all know that it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but I’ve been blown away by what I’ve read about sugar, and that has led to me going cold turkey on the good stuff.

In this article in the Telegraph about the links of sugar to health issues, it tells us that sugar can be more addictive than cocaine. And that addiction is deep rooted. It’s only after giving  it up that I’ve realised that added sugar is in almost everything we eat/buy in this country.

This post gives a list of the effects of sugar on our health. Some of these effects include supressing of the immune system, increased risk in a number of cancers, increased risk in various heart issues, headaches/migraines, to name just a few! In fact, there are 66 health risks listed here in relation to sugar consumption.

If you want a more scientific overview – watch this video.

That’s all very well, but when it comes down to it, how do we actually kick this highly addictive habit of a cake here, a biscuit there and a chocolate bar inbetween? For me, I have had to find some alternatives to give me that sweet kick as I definintely couldn’t do without something sweet for the rest of my days. The good news is, there are lots of healthy alternatives to eating the crazy amounts of sugar that we do – hooraahh! And that is one of the things I’ll be posting in this blog, an array of sugar-free delights to help us kick sugar and it’s health risks in the butt!

2 – udderly bad

Cow’s milk. Now, there is a lot of controversy around this so I am speaking personally here about my thinking from experience and what I have read recently.

I have always thought it was bizarre that human adults drink a substance that is produced for baby cows. We don’t feed calves on our breast milk so why do we drink their milk? After reading into it a bit it seems that cow’s milk isn’t great for humans and that’s why so many people are lactose intolerant. One of the sources I’ve been using for recipes and nutrition knowledge is a woman called Kimberly Snyder (thanks to my step-sister who has her book). In her book, Kimberly tells us that the main protein in cow’s milk is casein, which is the protein that makes cow’s bones so big. She says that ‘There are so many thousands of studies on the detrimental effects of dairy, but the strongest argument I can share with you is that of all animal proteins, casein is the one that most consistently and strongly seems to promote cancer’. As well as this, Kimberly calls dairy a ‘clogger’, because it is so difficult for the human digestive system to break down. To read more of Kimberly’s findings and for some yummy recipes, click here to follow her blog.

As a massive cheese lover, I haven’t gone completely cold turkey on the dairy yet, but I am gradually cutting down and looking for recipes with alternatives to dairy, of which there are many. I’ll be posting my favourite dairy-alternative recipes here and sharing the effects that less dairy is having on me.

3 – if you can’t kill it or grow it, don’t eat it.

Another one of Kimberly Snyder’s principles is that whole, natural food is the only thing that should be going into our bodies. It makes sense when you think about it, something that has been poked and prodded, compressed and stretched, heated up to 1000 degrees and then cooled down to -6000 degrees while hanging upside down, being spun around and bounced 30 times, isn’t going to be the best for your body. Okay, I’ll admit I have no idea what actually goes on in a factory but I am now choosing to eat as much unprocessed food as possible.

The recipes I post on here will consist of whole natural ingredients that give your body the best chance at working properly.

So that’s all of the boring stuff out of the way, let’s get on with the EATING. First recipe up here soon.



3 thoughts on “3 new eating principles

  1. Hi Hannah! I came across a link to your blog through a comment a mutual friend made on it on FB (how weird!?) and I’m looking forward to reading more as you journey on – very worthwhile! x

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